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The following products have been discontinued. The datasheets below are for reference only. Please refer to the main marine product area for current products.
15.3m. w/side radials, deck mount, 200-500kHz (pdf 38 KB) AS9RB 
 Insulator, lead-through, 0.3-0.5m. (pdf 40 KB) AG3 /5 /10
 Insulator, lead-through, 2-2.5m. (pdf 49 KB) AG21 /26
 0.25m., 2dB, multiband cell., BI mount, 825-960/1710-1990MHz (pdf 117 KB) AC15BI
 0.25m., 2dB, multiband cell., P mount, 825-960/1710-1990MHz (pdf 108 KB) AC15P 
2.6m. Marine Receiving Whip, 0.5-30MHz (pdf 34KB) AR3M
0.55m 8dBi WLAN antenna (pdf 99 KB) AV55P2
1.25m. (4'), 1dBi, VHF 137-150MHz and GPS (pdf 174 KB) AC19P4
2.4 - 2.9m., 2dBi, mast mount, dipole, 60-88MHz (pdf 38 KB) AV9