Accessories and Ancillaries

Mast Accessories

Directioner Kits adjust the azimuth and the elevation of the headload (one to multiple) while the mast is in the elevated position. Rotating and tilting are preformed manually using ropes or via an electrically powered version.

Tillters enable the antenna to tilt ±10 degrees from the horizontal plane.  The tilter is operated from the ground by means of a rope.

Rotators adjust the azimuth position of the headload.  A single rotator enables one headload to rotate 360 dgrees.  The double rotator enables two headload to independently rotate 360 degrees.  Both rotators are operated from the ground by means of a rope.

Mounting Bars allow multiple payloads to be installed on the same mast at the same, or different heights.

Headload Adapters are used when the headload mounting attachment of the customer’s device doesn’t match the telescopic mast top mount attachment dimensions or method.  In this case a special adaptor can be designed and manufactured to suit the customer headload interface.

If you require a mast accessory that isn’t listed below then please contact Comrod who will be glad to offer assistance.

Click here for the Mast Accessories datasheet (pdf 885 KB)

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