Tripod Mounted .. Top load up to 130kg

Sectional - Heavy Duty Masts - Top loads to 130kg

MLV Series Tripod Style Sleeve Masts

Comrod sectional heavyweight masts are vertical sleeve mast suitable for elevating headloads of up to 130kg at heights up to 34 metres. Tubes diameter of 125mm are manufactured from either glass fibre epoxy or carbon fibre epoxy composite material depending on the mast height and headload weight and surface area. This composite material gives the mast a very high mechanical resistance and rigidity with reduced weight.

Guys are manufactured from stainless steel wire.  A typical mast is supplied in multiple bags and can be deployed by two or three operators in approximately 40 minutes.

The following table contains a small selection of masts.  If you have a specific mast requirement then please contact comrod sales ( for further information.


Description Height (m) Maximum Headload (kg) * Part  Series
Vertical Sleeve mast on tripod 10m  10  130 MLV 125/10-1.6 MLV
Vertical Sleeve mast on tripod 15m 15 130 MLV 125/15-1.6 MLV
Vertical Sleeve mast on tripod 20m 20 130 MLV 125/20-1.6 MLV
Vertical Sleeve mast on tripod 30m 30 130 MLV 125/30-1.6 MLV
Vertical Sleeve mast on tripod 34m 34 130 MLV 125/34-1.6 MLV
Tactical tripod for heavy loads  2.2     TRIPOD
Flange for V-Ring - Top load interface        

* Maximum top load dependant on wind surface area.