Telescopic - Composite - Push-Up

Telescopic Composite Push-Up

The Comrod range of composite push-up telescopic masts are designed for supporting lightweight headloads.  Mast sections are manufactured from composite material and are locked in position using a unique bayonet locking system. The operator pushes up each section and locks it in position by turning it 90 degrees.

Masts can be supplied with a ground mounting kit or can be installed on vehicles and shelters.  The shorter 4.5 & 5 m masts can be deployed un-guyed in light winds.  The taller 8 and 9 m masts will be guyed.

The following table contains a small selection of masts.  If you have a specific mast requirement then please contact comrod sales ( for further information.

Description Height Maximum Headload  * Part Series
Manual (push-up) telescopic mast, 5m (pdf 388 KB) 5.0 m (16.5 ft) 6.0 kg
(13.2 lbs)
MT 76/5-1 MT1050
Manual (push-up) telescopic mast, 4.5m (pdf 132 KB)  4.5 m (15 ft) 6.0 kg
(13.2 lbs)
MT 100/4.5-1.5 MT1545
Manual (push-up) telescopic mast, 8m (pdf 277 KB)  8.0 m (26 ft) 7.0 kg
(15.4 lbs)
MT 100/8-1.6 MT1590
Manual (push-up) telescopic mast, 9m. (pdf 575 KB)  9.0 m (29.5 ft) 7.0 kg
(15.4 lbs)
MT 100/9-1.7 MT1790

* Maximum top load dependant on wind surface area.

Mast shown with optional tripod