Dual-band Antenna, Tripod & Mast Assembly

Comrod introduces the latest dual-band antenna and tripod assembly for use in a ground mounted or elevated role.

The COMROD VHF302000DB antenna has two radiating elements:-

A high gain stacked-dipole radiating element for the 1200-2000 MHz band giving exceptional gain thus allowing high data transfer for the new SRW military waveforms

A low profile wideband VHF/UHF monopole covering the full 30-512MHz frequency band.

The L-Band structure is located at the top of the antenna to optimize the range of this band.

The antenna can be supplied with an optional L1/L2 GPS antenna integrated into the base, reducing even further the number of antennas required.

The antenna is supplied with a tripod kit allowing either ground mounted operation or elevation up to 28 feet using the supplied AMX85 sectional composite mast.

Please click here for the product datasheet.