Civil & Commercial Masts

Civil & Commercial Masts

Comrod manufactures a range of masts for civil and commercial applications.

Mast configurations are available in composite sectional, composite telescopic and aluminium telescopic.

Masts and accessories are in service worldwide with civil and commercial organisations for applications such as temporary mobile phone base stations, temporary lighting, elevation of optronic equipment, elevation of sensors etc.

The following table contains a small selection of masts.  If you have a specific mast requirement then please contact comrod sales ( for further information.



Aluminium Telescopic Masts

Description Height Headload Part Number
6.5 metre quick erect self supporting telescopic mast (512KB) 6.5m 40kg TM 128/6.5-1.5
19 metre ISO quick erect mast kit (pdf 685 KB) 19m 100kg TM 210/19-3.1
18 metre trailer mounted telescopic mast (pdf 457 KB) 18m 35kg TM 128/18-4.2
25 metre trailer mounted telescopic mast (pdf 457 KB) 25m 60kg TM 150/25-5.9