Telescopic - Composite - Electromechanical

Composite Telescopic Electromechanical Masts

Heavy duty masts, electrically deployed. Suited to vehicle, shelter or trailer integration.

Comrod has a range of heavy duty masts that are capable of carrying very heavy headloads.  Mast sections are manufactured form carbon fibre reinforced epoxy resin composite material which provides both lightness and high mechanical strength. All metallic parts are manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel.  These telescopic mast have been developed with a belt drive system which controls the mast upwards as well as downwards. The design of the mast also allows clearance for dust, sand and water to pass through the mast and exit through the base tube.  Masts heights are available from 2.5 to 30 metres capable of supporting headloads up to 250kg*.  The 2.5 and 5 metre models are self supporting so do not require guys.

The following table contains a small selection of masts.  If you have a specific mast requirement then please contact comrod sales ( for further information.

Description Height (m) Maximum Headload (kg) * Part Series
2 metre self supporting heavy duty mast (pdf) 2.0 40 LMT 283/2-0.75 LMT07520
Self-supporting telescopic mast, 5m (pdf)  5  170 LMT 283/5-1.5 MT5D
Remote controlled telescopic mast, 6.5m (pdf)  6.5  250 LMT 362/6.5-3 MT6.5L
Telescopic mast on shelter/vehicle, 12m (pdf)  12  50 LMT 303/12.5-2 LMT20125HM
Remote controlled telescopic mast, 16m  (pdf) 16 230 LMT 362/16-3.85 LMT

* Maximum top load dependant on wind surface area.