Sectional - Composite - Tripod Mounted

Sectional - Composite Masts

Tripod Style Sleeve Masts

Comrod sectional masts are vertical sleeve masts suitable for elevating top loads up to 130kg* at heights up to 24 metres.

The mast is raised by adding individual tube sections to the base of the mast.  The tripod support assembly includes a hoist mechanism to raise each tube section into position.

Tubes diameters of 64mm, 92mm or 125mm are manufactured from either glass fibre or carbon fibre composite material depending on the mast height, top load weight and wind surface area. This composite material gives the mast a very high mechanical resistance and rigidity with reduced weight.

Guys are manufactured from polyester, aramid rope or wire rope depending on the height and top load. A typical mast is supplied in two or three bags and can be deployed by two operators in approximately 20 minutes.

Click on the following link for a general description of Comrod sectional sleeve masts - Sectional Sleeve Masts.pdf

Please click here for ULM series, heights to 24 metres (78 ft), top loads up to 40kg (88 lbs) 

Please click here for MLV series, heights to 34 metres (112 ft), top loads up to 130kg (286 lbs)