Telescopic - Aluminium - Crank-Up

Aluminium Crank-Up Support Masts

(Formerly WIBE Telescopic Masts)

Comrod's range of aluminium telescopic masts (formerly WIBE Telescopic Masts) are recognised as a world leader in the engineering, development, and production of electromechanical and hand-cranked telescopic mast systems.  These telescopic masts have been supplied for more than 60 years and continue to provide transportable and tactical telescopic masts to customers around the globe.

Masts and accessories are in service in the Scandinavian and NATO market, the U.S. Active Guard and Reserve Forces, Canadian Forces and security forces in the Middle East and Far East.  Over 15,000 masts are currently in service with defence forces across the globe, and there are 1,000s of masts in service with civil and commercial organisations. 

Comrod aluminium crank-up mast products incorporate simple yet elegant solutions that increase operator safety, cut deployment times, and reduces manpower requirements. Comrod aluminium crank-up masts can be broadly categorised into three groups: Guyed Lightweight and Guyed Heavy Duty and Unguyed Masts.  Heights are available from 3.7 meters (~12 ft) to 30 meters (~100 ft) with a variety of top loads.