Masts - Telescopic & Sectional

Support Masts - Telescopic & Sectional

Comrod has a wide range of masts from sectional to telescopic, composite or aluminium, hand operated to fully automatic deployment, Comrod has a solution. The following pages contain only a small selection of our masts.

If you have a specific mast requirement then please contact comrod sales ( for further information.

Sectional Man-Portable Masts - Composite

Man-portable sectional masts are simple to erect, cost effective and ideally suited for elevating light omni-directional and wire antennas up to 9metres.

Sectional Light & Heavy Duty (Tripod) Masts - Composite

The ULM and MLV sleeved tripod mast series are primarily ground mounted systems ideally suited for heavier head loads, elevating line of sight antennas up to 40metres. These are hand crank (ULM) and motorised belt driven systems (MLV) with centralised guying systems giving the user added security as well as keeping the head load stable during deployment.

Telescopic Masts - Composite

The MT lightweight telescopic push up mast series and kit can be used for ground mounted and vehicle applications. The mast is compact, easy to deploy and ideally suited for elevating light Omni-directional and wire antennas up to 12 metres.

The IDTM composite telescopic mast series are hand crank / motorised belt driven systems suited for heavier head loads such as elevating line of sight antennas up to 34 metres.

The LMT heavy duty series are constructed from composite/carbon telescopic sections. These masts are used for heavy head loads that require a high level of pointing accuracy such as optical equipment. The mast is a belt driven system which can be deployed from within the vehicle by the operator.

Telescopic Masts - Aluminium

The TM range of aluminium crank-up masts (formerly WIBE TM) are available from lightweight through to heavyweight.  Heights are available up to 30 metres capable of supporting headloads up to 148kg.

TM210 Aluminium Telescopic Mast

ULM Composite Tripod Mast