Comrod at DSEI 2015

Comrod will be exhibiting at DSEI 2015 in London from 15-18th September 2015.

Comrod will be exhibiting a range of products at DSEI 2015 and would be delighted to meet with you on our booth in the north hall, N8-260.

Product Highlights

Comrod has received a contract from SAAB for the development and production of antenna systems for the A19 class submarines. The contract encompasses development and production of HF- VHF and UHF integrated antenna systems for the Gotland class submarine for the Swedish Navy. Comrod has leveraged decades of experience in tunable antennas to achieve exceptional performance in a very compact form factor. The antenna system will address a wide range of mission critical on-board radio communications including Line-of-Sight and Beyond-Line-of-Sight systems.

Comrod will also show the new CAPAS family of Automatic Payload Alignment Systems.  The patent pending CAPAS systems provide fast and accurate alignment of a wide range of antennas as well as non-antenna payloads such as cameras and sensors.  Both single axis (rotation only) and 2-axis (rotation/elevation) systems are available.  The CAPAS Integrated Mission Planning System software supports advanced planning of communication networks in time and space, including radio propagation analysis and frequency planning.

The rugged ComPact 1200 Dual Input keeps the best-in-class power density of the ComPact AC/DC, but also integrates a 12V to 24V converter to enable the use of 24V military equipment in 12V vehicles.  When connected to AC power the ComPact 1200 Dual Input will simultaneously charge both the 12V vehicle battery and an optional 24V volt battery bank, keeping the vehicle fully mission ready during prolonged deployments.

Comrod will display an LMT series carbon composite mast particularly suited to elevating EO/IR cameras for use while on-the-move.  When fully deployed the mast sections are locked together to provide a stable platform for EO/IR equipment.  Masts are deployed using an integrated electrical motor that drives an internal lifting belt system.  The mast is operated via a control panel which can be mounted directly onto the mast or remotely inside the vehicle or shelter.  All masts have positive retraction enabling the mast to be lowered safely on uneven ground up to 10 degrees off vertical.

In addition to the above products, there will also be a range of vehicle and manpack antennas on display.

For an overview of Comrod products please read the Comrod Company Profile 2015.