New ultra-lightweight composite tripod mast - ULM-C 48 15/1.5

Comrod introduces new ultra-lightweight tripod mast to the existing ULM and MLV tripod mast range

The ULM-C 48 mast is available up to heights of 15 metres capable of supporting top loads up to 20kg (44lb).  The mast comprises individual carbon composite tube sections that are hoisted into position using a lifting mechanism built into the tripod support assembly.

Central guying enables the mast guy tension to be maintained from the tripod during deployment.  This enables the masts to be deployed safely in high winds with only two operators.

The mast is capable of supporting multiple top loads, one above the other (show in the photo opposite).  Top load interface brackets can be manufactured to meet the customer top load requirement.

The mast is supplied with all the items necessary for a ground deployment.

The mast datasheet is available by clicking this link:- ULM-C 48 15-1.3

ULM-C 48 15-1.3