Composite Tubes & Components

Composite Products

These are custom-designed products for commercial and defence applications. Structural composites can be divided into the following product categories:

Product description: Applications:
Custom designed products for commercial applications - Oil & gas exploration tools
- Electrical equipment
- Aeronautic components
Custom designed products for military applications - Pressure tubes for missile and rocket launchers
- Missile propulsion components


Composite Tubes - Comrod France (pdf 499 KB) Overview
Tubes Composites - Comrod France (pdf 434) Vue d'ensemble


Steady Bars (Bras de rappel)

Bras de rappel standard (pdf 243KB) 95016          
Bras à chape (horizontal) (pdf 269KB) 95298
Bras à chape (vertical) (pdf 305KB) 95618
Bras mixte (pdf 276KB) 95041
Ecarteur (pdf 243KB) 95013
Bras de rappel coudé (204KB) 95474

Composite Guy Rod

Composite rod for guying masts and lattice towers (pdf 400KB) H56 & H100