Financial reports

Financial reports

Comrod Communication ASA received a separate stock market listed in 2007 after a demerger from Hexagon Composites ASA. As a result, the only financial information available for previous periods is the segment information provided in reports from Hexagon.

Financial report for first quarter of 2014 (pdf 746kB)

Annual report 2013 (pdf 4MB)

Financial report 4th quarter (pdf 5.9MB)

To view historical performance, please refer to the financial reports available on the Hexagon Composite website at, where key financial information appears under the heading 'Comrod' or 'composite antennas'

Subscription form (pdf 165kB)

Prospectus (pdf 1.58MB)

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Financial report first half and second quarter 2013 (pdf 1.1MB)

Financial report 1st quarter 2013 (pdf 1.3MB)

Annual report 2012 (pdf 9,8 MB)

Finacial report 4th quarter 2012 (pdf 2.5 MB)

Finacial report 3rd quarter 2012 (pdf 1.6 MB)

Report for first half and second quarter of 2012 (pdf 2,0 MB)

Financial report 1st quarter 2012 (pdf 1.0MB)

Annual report 2011 high resolution (pdf 8.0 MB)

Finacial report 4th quarter 2011 (pdf, 1mb)

Finacial report 3rd quarter 2011 (pdf 881kb)

Financial report first half and second quarter 2011 (pdf 2.3 MB)

Financial report 1 st quarter 2011 (pdf 2.7 MB)

Annual report 2010 high resolution (pdf, 16 MB)

Annual report 2010 low resolution (pdf, 10 MB)

Financial report 4th quarter 2010 (pdf 3.1kb)

Financial report 3rd quarter 2010 (pdf 1.3kb)

Financial report 2nd quarter 2010 (pdf 446kb)

Financial report 1st quarter 2010 (pdf 251kb)

Annual report 2009 (pdf, 251kb)

Financial report 4th quarter 2009 (pdf, 3,3 Mkb)

Financial report 3rd quarter 2009 (pdf, 242kb)

Financial report 2nd quarter 2009 (pdf, 516kb)

Financial report 1st quarter 2009 (pdf, 672kb)

Annual report 2008 (pdf, 1,2 MB)

Financial report 4th quarter 2008 (pdf, 1,7 MB)

Financial report 3rd quarter 2008 (pdf, 0,5 Mb)

Financial report 2nd quarter 2008 (pdf, 0,15 Mb)

Financial report 1st quarter 2008 (pdf, 0,6 Mb)

Annual report 2007 (low resolution) (pdf, 0,8 mb)

Annual report 2007 (high resolution) (pdf, 130 mb)

Financial report 4th quarter 2007 (pdf 13,5 mb)

Financial report 3rd quarter 2007 (pdf 1,0 mb)

Financial report 2nd quarter 2007 (pdf 1,0 mb)

Financial report 1st quarter 2007 (pdf 0,4 mb)

Financial report 4th quarter 2006 (pdf 1,0 mb)

Interim report 3rd quarter 2006 Comrod AS group