Control Systems, Couplers, Diplexers

Couplers & Switching Systems and Diplexers

Comrod antenna couplers, switches and diplexers allow multiple transceivers to utilise one or two antennas.

The following table contains a small selection of couplers and switching systems.  If you have a specific requirement then please contact comrod ( for further information.

Triplexer, 30-88, 225-450, 1200-2000MHz (pdf 500KB) TRIPLEX-302000
Diplexer, 30-88 and 116-512MHz (pdf 450 KB) DIPLEX 8816-3
Diplexer, 30-88 and 1200-2000 MHz (pdf 500KB) DIPLEX 4512
Multiplexer, two radios - one antenna (pdf 659 KB) INTAS-S2
Multiplexer, four radios - one antenna (pdf 711 KB) INTAS-S4
VHF/UHF antenna control system (pdf 384 KB) ACS-001
VHF/UHF TX/RX coupler/switch unit (pdf 359 KB) ACS-004
VHF/UHF TX/RX coupler/switch unit (pdf 198 KB) ACS-005K
HF/VHF TX/RX coupler/switch unit (pdf 657 KB) ACS-007K


Active Antenna Combiners and Controllers

INTAS Series Passive Couplers