Telescopic - Aluminium - Electromechanical

Electro-mechanical Aluminium Telescopic Masts (Unguyed)

Un-guyed heavy duty masts, electrically deployed. Suited to vehicle, shelter or trailer integration.

Comrod (formerly Wibe TM) unguyed electric powered telescopic masts are based on a time tested and performance proven rugged design that provides performance, reliability, and safety to our users while overcoming the well known issues related to pneumatic and hydraulic masts. Masts are constructed with extruded hexagonal and circular aluminium alloy tubes, and our tracked telescopic action assisted by synthetic guides give our masts excellent tensional resistance and high rotational accuracy. Hoisting cables are protected and run in the free space between sections. All fixtures – hoisting cables, pulleys, pin and winches – are of stainless steel and hot dip galvanized steel. The unique and proven all-weather design featuring space between sections allows our masts to be raised or lowered even with an ingress of ice, sand or caked dust.

These masts are currently deployed in harsh environments that range from the deserts and snowy mountains in Iraq and Afghanistan, in humid and hot jungles in South America, to the arctic cold regions of Alaska and the Scandinavian countries. Masts are easily and quickly raised or retracted by one, two or three person teams (depending on the particular mast).

The table below provides some examples of unguyed masts. Please contact Comrod for other masts not shown in this table.


Description Height Headload Part Number
4.7 metre electric powered telescopic mast (pdf 608 KB) 4.7m 90kg TM 170/4.7-1.0
10 metre electric powered telescopic mast (pdf 608 KB) 10m 90kg TM 170/10-1.9
4.8 metre electric powered telescopic mast (pdf 273 KB) 4.8m 148kg TM 210/4.8-1.1
10 metre electric powered telescopic mast (pdf 273 KB) 10m 148kg TM 210/10-1.95
15 metre electric powered telescopic mast (pdf 273 KB) 15m 148kg TM 210/15-2.7


TM 210 Aluminium Telescopic Mast