IDTM - Medium Duty

IDTM Medium Duty Crank-Up Mast

The IDTM series of composite telescopic masts are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of todays tactical communications market. IDTM series masts are available in heights ranging from 6 to 24 metres capable of supporting headloads up to 100kg*. The IDTM series of masts are designed for supporting headloads such as line-of-sight
(LOS) antennas, omni-directional antennas, electronic warfare (EW) antennas and cameras.

The mast sections are constructed using composite glass/carbon fibre tubes.  Fittings are manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel. The mast is extended using a winch assembly attached to a patented hoisting mechanism.  Ground mounting kits are available for field deployment together with a range of vehicle and shelter bracket options. 

*subject to top load wind surface area.



Description Height (m) Maximum Headload (kg) * Series
IDTM series medium duty composite telescopic mast (pdf 573 KB)  6 - 24   100 IDTM

Deployment video for IDTM Composite Telescopic Mast