Exhibition News – May 1, 2018

AUSA 2018

8-10th October 2018, Washington DC, USA

Comrod will be attending AUSA 2018 and will be exhibiting a range of manpack and vehicle antennas, antenna control systems, sectional support masts, telescopic support masts, power supplies and battery chargers.  Also on display will be our TCT communication mission planning system and automated payload alignment system (CAPAS).

Please visit us in Hall B, booth number 2351.

About Comrod Communication Group
Comrod Communication AS is a leading international manufacturer of antennas, control systems, masts and power supplies for the defence and commercial markets.

For further information please contact:
Tel.: 440-455-9186 / Fax.: 440-455-9389
Toll Free in USA.: 844-668-6136
Email. sales@comrodusa.com

Exhibition News

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