Operations & Quality


For more than 70 years the company has combined its service, know-how and experience to achieve an optimal development and production for the products.  The production facilities consists of five individual departments which enables the company to control all major and critical parts of the value chain.

Quality Control and Testing

Comrod is recognised for its high-quality products. The group subsidiaries are all ISO 9001-2015 certified for their design, development, manufacturing and marketing processes.  The company’s products have been designed to withstand extreme conditions and are subject to extensive testing to ensure that quality standards have been met.  Many tests are conducted in Comrod’s on-site laboratories in Norway and France. They include chemical, mechanical, electrical and climatic test procedures.  Product manufacturing is based on many years experience with composite materials, and with antenna and mast manufacturing to ensure the best possible performance for these products.  All vital antenna components are completely protected from the environments in which they will operate. The antenna conductors are encapsulated in polyurethane foam, which excludes humidity, preventing corrosion and ensures the conductor maintains its performance over the full lifetime of the product. The foam also prevents damage from vibration and ensures mechanical stability.  The Howald production method using fibreglass-reinforced epoxy provides unique strength and flexibility. To achieve the smooth surface finish, all tubes go through a grinding process before a strong, two-component elastic polyurethane coating is applied. This smooth surface ensures that salt and dirt cannot adhere, which in turn reduces the danger of spark-over. The antenna is effectively protected against water, ice and damaging UV radiation.  

The company applies the following internationally recognised standards relating to defence and shipboard equipment:

– MIL-STD-810F
– MIL-STD-461E
– MIL-STD-464
– DEF-STAN 00-35
– IEC 60945
– IEC 60060-2
– IEC 60068-2