Policies & Certification


Comrod will always be the first choice for:

– Product Performance
– Product Innovation
– Lead-time
– Supplier stability

Quality Policy

Comrod shall be the customer’s first choice based on:

  • Quality products
  • Ability to deliver
  • Continuous improvement and product development
  • Fulfilling requirements to the relevant standards, legislation and public requirements.

We shall go above and beyond to fulfil the customer’s requirements, needs and expectations, and provide the right goods in a secure and efficient manner.

We shall be a preferred partner with a high level of professional competence and good business ethics.

Our quality requirements apply to all employees and to our suppliers.

Our employees shall be ambassadors for Comrod values and leadership principles.

Environmental Policy Statement

Comrod shall actively strive to minimise any negative impact its operations may have on the environment. Besides working in a way that prevents pollution, we shall also ensure that the most environment-friendly solutions are always chosen. All of this shall be within a framework of continual improvement. In its work for the environment, Comrod shall maintain suitable dialogues and collaborations with all interested parties. The environmental policy shall always be available to the public. The company’s environmental reviews shall be the base on which our environmental goals and programs are founded. The Comrod aim is for our environmental initiatives to go beyond what is required by legislation. We shall achieve the above by:


  • Ensuring that, throughout manufacture and design, full attention is paid to ecological considerations, quality requirements, health factors and environmental sustainability.
  • Setting up environment-focused collaborations with suppliers and customers.
  • Maximizing efficiency in the use of energy and raw materials. Minimizing the production of waste that cannot be recycled within our operations.
  • Ensuring that chemicals and dangerous waste are handled in the best possible manner.
  • Giving training on our environmental initiatives and promoting staff involvement.
  • Continuously evaluating the success of our initiatives

Health & Safety Policy

High standards for health, safety and the environment give Comrod an important competitive advantage and will always form part of its operations.

This requires the formulation of objectives, specific requirements and action plans for both projects and operations in order to prevent harm to life and health, the natural environment, material assets, knowledge and information.

Systematic preventive HSE efforts are a line management responsibility. However, each employee has an independent duty to work in a way which is safe and contributes to reducing risk.


Company Certificate (pdf)
Comrod Norway ISO 9001:2015
Comrod Norway ISO 14001:2015
Comrod Norway Achilles Certificate 2023
Comrod Hungary ISO 9001:2015
Comrod USA ISO 9001:2015
Comrod France ISO 9001:2015
Comrod Mission Systems ISO 9001:2015
Comrod Mission Systems ISO:14001:2015
Comrod Mission Systems ISO 27001:2013