Power Supplies & Battery Chargers

Ruggedized Power Supplies

Defense organizations around the world rely on Comrod to power critical military equipment.  Our power supplies and battery chargers are our customers preferred choice for powering tactical communication, radar and missile systems, and our R&D capabilities and long manufacturing traditions makes us an attractive partner for custom developed power products.

ComPact Series

The ComPact series of power supplies and battery chargers are our most sophisticated power products to-date and delivers best in class power density. ComPact products are suitable for vehicle and shelter installation and are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent environmental and electrical demands.  Due to the ComPacts high performance, small form factor, ruggedness and unique adaptability to customer specific requirements, thousands of units are in use all over the world powering tactical radio communication systems, mobile C4 military applications, missile and radar systems. ComPact products can be used as a power supply, battery charger or combined power supply and battery charger.

2400 AC/DC

Highly efficient 28V DC 80A power supply and battery charger with four times the power density of competing products, IP67 sealed, temperature compensated charging, rack mount or stand-alone mounting. Active load sharing when several ComPacts are connected in parallel for more power output. Communication port for setup, control and monitoring.

1200 Dual Input

Provides the power density performance of the ComPact 1200 AC/DC with an integrated 12V to 24V DC/DC converter to allow the use of 24V military equipment in 12V vehicles.  When connected to an AC source, the ComPact 1200 Dual Input can simultaneously charge both the 12V vehicle starter battery and an optional 24V battery bank. The ComPact 1200 Dual Input is also available with an integrated 24V to 24V DC/DC converter.

2000 DC/AC

Highly efficient inverter for powering products requiring standard 240V AC input such as commercial routers and computers. Communication port for control, monitoring and setup and detailed status and statistics can be retrieved. The ComPact 2000 DC/AC can be software configured according to customer specification.