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ComPact Power Supplies – Resource Page

This page contains technical information for ComPact owners.

Remote control software

Comrod has remote control software called ComrodSupport that customers can download and execute, which will give Comrod remote control access. This can be used for training/demonstration purposes.  When ComrodSupport is started, it looks like the image shown.

In the red rectangle, there will be a 9 digit ID. This ID must be given to Comrod support personnel for Comrod to get access to your computer.


  • ComrodSupport is not permanently installed on your computer. When ComrodSupport is closed, it is no longer possible for Comrod to access your computer.
  • Access is password protected. The password is not available to anyone outside Comrod Power.
  • The ID will normally be the same every time you start Comrod-Support at the same computer. This means that starting Comrod-Support at a later time will give Comrod access to your computer. Do not start the Comrod-Support unless needed.
  • ComrodSupport is based on TeamViewer.  If you already have TeamViewer installed, there is no need to run ComrodSupport. Just give the ID and password to Comrod support personnel. If you do not wish to give your password to Comrod, temporary stop your installed TeamViewer, and run ComrodSupport.

    Download: ComrodSupport (3MB)

Device driver for the Moxa Uport 1150I

The device driver for the Moxa Uport 1150I is included in the ComPact Communication Kit download below, but the driver may not be the newest revision.  The newest driver is available here: http://www.moxa.com (Search for UPORT 1150 to find the driver).  Note that Windows 10 does not need a driver, the driver is built-in.

ComPact files

These downloads are are password protected ZIP-files. Only registered users may access these files. Contact Comrod to get the password.  The files listed below are the newest released revision. These will be replaced by new revisions as they are released.

Document Number Description Covers Firmware Date Size
ComPact Communication Kit ComPact Config Utility revision 28.01
ComPact Logging Utility revision 28.01
Compact Family User Manual revision O
Comrod RS-485 communication protocol revision C
Mechanical interface drawings
White papers
Moxa Uport device driver v1.9
28 2018-04-23 42MB 
Movie showing how to activate front panel setup Some customers find it a little difficult to activate the front panel setup. This movie shows how to do this. All 2012-08-29 17 MB 
Front panel 3-stage charging setup example Similar to above, but with some values modified also All 2017-01-04 27 MB 


Earlier versions of the ComPact Config Utility had limitations regarding upgrading units with older firmware. These limitations are now removed. ComPact Config Utility Y.02 and newer can upgrade any unit.