Mission Systems

Fast and reliable communication deployment

Comrod Mission Systems are designed to speed up deployment of communication networks and sensor systems, while reducing exposure of personnel.  By planning and simulating communication links before they are deployed, and equipping operators with positioning systems to accurately elevate and direct antennas and sensors, Comrod is a leader in battlefield automation.

Planning Systems
Tactical Communication Tool (TCT)

Establishing reliable communications can pose a great challenge, whether on the battlefield or on the site of a natural disaster. TCT (Tactical Communication Tool) allows military and public safety organisations to leverage their communication assets, while dramatically reducing the planning time. TCTs dynamic planning can quickly adapt to changes in operational circumstances, while its sophisticated radio propagation analysis ensures accurate simulation of every communication link. A powerful map engine supports a wide range of geo-spatial formats, including DTED elevation data, vector-based road maps as well as several formats for raster-based maps and satellite imagery.

Comrod Automated Payload Alignment Systems (CAPAS)

Deploying sensors and communication equipment correctly comes with its own set of challenges, and often with great time pressure. Comrod Automatic Payload Alignment Systems can precisely elevate and direct payloads to the correct height and optimal direction. Single rotator, dual rotator and rotator/ tilter systems ensures antennas are always pointed at the optimal direction. CAPAS-MC mast control systems provides quick and precise elevation of communication or sensor assets without exposing personnel to unnecessary danger.


Mission Systems

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Communication Mission Planning Software
CAPAS-SR single automatic rotator systemComrod Automated Payload Alignment Systems
CAPAS-DR-2 dual automatic rotator systemComrod Automated Payload Alignment Systems
CAPAS-RT-2 automatic rotator tilter systemComrod Automated Payload Alignment Systems