Power Supplies & Battery Chargers

ComPact Benefits

Defense customers around the world benefit from the following ComPact capabilities:

Ultra rugged

The ComPact provides class leading power density in a fully ruggedized small form factor and meets the most stringent environmental and electrical demands such as:
MIL-STD 461E & F Electromagnetic Interference
MIL-STD 1275D Electrical systems in vehicles
MIL-STD-810G Environmental (temperature, shock, vibration, humidity)

High efficiency

The efficiency of the ComPact is very high due to soft switching technology

Suitable for weak power sources

The ComPact AC/DC input current is power factor corrected and designed for optimum utilization of weak power sources such as portable generators.

Battery charging

Compacts allow for charging of all types of Lead Acid and Li-Ion battery technologies. Configurable features such as 3-stage and temperature compensated charging ensure optimised charging in extreme temperatures.  Please contact the Comrod Power Division for request on adapting ComPact to other battery technologies.

Software definable

All ComPact products have RS-485 and/or CAN J1939 communication bus and can be software defined using the Comrod ComPact configuration utility software.  This software allows status monitoring, alarm configuration, enable/disable features and upgrades to the ComPact firmware.  A wide range of configurable parameters are available such as output voltage, current limit, alarm limits, and battery technology.  The ComPact configuration utility is an MS Windows application available for download free of charge from the ComPact support page.  A range of parameters can also be adjusted using the multi-function buttons on the front panel of the ComPact.

Flexible installation configurations

The ComPact AC/DC products can be used as power supply, battery charger and combined power supply and battery charger.  Multiple ComPacts can be connected in parallel with active load sharing if more power output is required. For example, two ComPact 2400 AC/DC in parallel will provide ~4,8 kW output power (2 x 80 A output current).  Typical ComPact configurations can be seen in the presentation – ComPact-Configurations

Ingress protection

The ComPact encapsulation meets IP67, totally protected against dust and the effects of immersion in 1 m of liquid