General News – November 3, 2022

132 kV Power line from Hopen to Saltstraumen

Comrod has been awarded the contract for delivery of composite poles for Arva’s new 132 kV power line from Hopen to Saltstraumen in Nordland, Norway.

Saltstraumen, Nordland, Norway. Source:

Source: Arva AS

In order to minimize damage to the surrounding pole foundation area, several of the masts will be installed with Comrod’s unique rock drilling and rock foundations. Short bottom modules will also be used. In addition to reduce environmental footprint, both of these methods contribute to safer, easier and more efficient installation of the masts.

The line is approximately 13.5 kilometres long and includes 178 poles with 81 mast points. The poles are from 15 to 24 meters tall. Comrod is now collaborating with Arva and Norconsult on optimizing the mast points, so that the composite’s strength and stiffness can be utilized to the maximum.

We would like to thank Arva for placing trust and confidence in us, and look forward to delivering the poles and installation work in 2023.

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