Exhibition News – March 24, 2020

Exhibitions 2020

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to develop, 2020 exhibitions and conferences are being cancelled and rescheduled.  Comrod will post news about rescheduled events as and when dates become clear.

About Comrod Communication Group
Comrod Communication AS is a leading international manufacturer of antennas, control systems, masts and power supplies for the defence and commercial markets.

For further information please contact:
Email: info@comrod.com
Phone: +47 5174 0500

Exhibition News

FED 2021

Please visit us at booth number Ext. 9, 13-14th October, Satory Versailles, France.…

AUSA 2021

Please visit us in Halls DE, booth number 7049, 11-13th October 2021, Washington DC, USA. …

DSEI 2021

Please visit us at location H4-600. 14-17th September 2021, London, UK. …