General News – January 10, 2019

Comrod acquires Sørskår Mekaniske Verksted AS

Photo: Roar Larsen/Strandbuen

Stavanger, Norway, January 10, 2019 – Comrod is pleased to announce the acquisition of Sørskår Mekaniske Verksted AS, a key supplier of mechanical services including robotization to Comrod for 20 years. The acquisition secures jobs and expertise in the local community and will contribute to Comrod’s growth in the future.

Sørskår brings to Comrod a strong name, reputation and skill set; and in order to ensure continuity and maintain expertise all Sørskår management and staff will remain with the company. The Sørskår mechanical workshop will be relocated to Comrod at Tau in a new 3,000 sqm building to be completed by June 2020.

“Acquiring a highly efficient mechanical workshop as part of the company provides opportunities to both expand the Comrod product range, and to streamline production processes. This is an important strategic acquisition for Comrod”, says Ole Gunnar Fjelde, CEO of Comrod Communication AS.


COMROD Communication Group is a leading international manufacturer of antennas, control systems, masts and power supplies for the defense and commercial markets.

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