Reaching Further than ever for Our Customers

Triad RF, a premier radio ancillary manufacturer, is now a Comrod company, helping our customers reach further with cutting-edge technology. Our constant push to extend the limits of data and distance performance standards, combined with superior RF support and applications engineering, enhances COMROD’s development and technical capabilities in the United States and around the world.

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Triad RF Systems is an innovative designer and manufacturer of RF / Microwave amplifiers and integrated radio systems for challenging environments. The Triad RF brand delivers high-performing products that meet the stringent SWaP requirements for military, aerospace, and commercial communications, unmanned systems, Satcom, radar, ISR platforms, and electronic warfare applications. We are delivering the next phase of innovation that pushes the limits of data and distance performance standards while delivering the quality that our customers demand

  • Industry-leading products that deliver long-range, high-throughput datalinks
  • VHF through Ku-band options to support your application and end-user requirements
  • Experts in tactical datalinks and MIMO / MANET mesh for military and unmanned systems

Product Categories and Offerings

RF Amplifiers

Extend the range and bandwidth of new or existing systems with Triad’s full line of RF power amplifiers and BDAs from VHF through Ka-band.

Integrated Radio Systems

Triad’s line of fully integrated radio systems makes the industry’s best radios even better, matching the perfect filters, amplifiers, and control/monitoring components into a SWaP-optimized package

Turnkey ISR

Go further with advanced data link services and custom turn-key ISR systems. We create ISR links for any platform or radio system at distances exceeding 200km

SmallSat and CubeSat

Over 18 years of LEO flight heritage with RF amplifiers and subsystems designed specifically for SmallSat and CubeSat applications.

Core Competencies

Radio range extension

ISR Platforms and long range data links

Antenna amplification and tracking systems

CubeSat/SmallSat Space Systems

MIMO / MANET radio system integration

Military Radar and Communication

EO-IR Systems

Tactical Radio Systems

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Counter UAS (CV-UAS)

Electronic Warfare

Manned and Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Manned and Unmanned Maritime Vessels