• Comrod Automatic Payload Alignment Systems (CAPAS®) enables quick and effective deployment of communication or sensor assets.
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  • Telescopic Masts for EO/IR Systems. On-the-Move and On-the-Pause mast solutions. Optimised for vehicle or shelter integration.
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  • Heavy duty electromechanical aluminium telescopic masts. Unguyed heights to 15 metres. Top loads to 148kg. Superior design and combat proven performance
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  • New range of low profile multi-band antennas designed to operate with todays WNW & SRW wideband and legacy waveforms
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  • Ultra-rugged, high efficiency ComPact series power supplies. Delivering class leading performance in the smallest form factor.
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  • Active antenna combiners allow multiple transceivers to utilise one or two antennas reducing the visual impact while improving antenna radiation characteristics.
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  • CANSEC 2016

    (27 Oct 2015)

    CANSEC 2016, EY Centre, Ottawa, Canada, 25-26th May 2016

  • UDT 2016

    (24 Oct 2015)

    Underwater Defence Technology 2016, Oslo, Norway, 1-3rd June 2016


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